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Top features of good VPN service

All the reputed VPN services that are known to have excellent privacy credentials do not keep any recorded call logs and accepts all payments in the Bitcoin method and also allows Tormenting. It also allows a free smart DNS service for all its customers. IP vanish based in the US...

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Just as you’re using a VPN service, you aren’t protected from everything

No VPN can present you with unlimited defense even as you're doing potentially chancy activities. When you're at any dodgy website, even a VPN connection is not likely to offer you absolute protection from malware/phishing attempts. It is vital that you stay cautious when you hap...

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VPN is handy even when you’re not at any shady online activity 

Site-to-site VPN "Site-to-site VPN" lets offices in more than a few fixed sites set up protected connections among themselves over an open network, an example of such a network being the Internet/web. This variety of VPN expands the network of the company, making PC resources ...

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